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Jul 13, 2012

La Tour De Naldehra

The road goes on
Last Sunday I went on another cycle trip by my self and it turned out to be great fun. I rode almost 45 km all the way to Naldehra Golf Course. The initial part had a lot of steep slopes near my home and I pushed my bike up most of them instead of trying to ride them. But after Navbahar it was almost 20 km of pleasant road all the way to Naldehra. There's a very slight slope from Dhali to Mashobra but all downhill after that. What I forgot was that downhill one way is uphill while coming back. While going downhill I was enjoying the ride, wondering why more people don't do it. I found that out while coming back up.

I felt free on the downhill, the wind in my hair, summer scents in the air, early morning fresh light. I felt weightless. I made plans to do this every week. I starting making plans of wonderful tours all over India. But then I reached my destination. Had a little breakfast there and started back up. That's when the real cycling began. Trying to concentrate on the technique, trying to maintain a good cadence. Head down and pedaling hard. Trying to change gears at the right time. And soon all dreams were lost. I was in the moment. Breathing every breath consciously. Feeling every heart beat like a singular event in time. And I wondered why I had been so foolish to come so far without knowing what kind of terrain it was. Without being prepared for it. I decided no more trips for me till I lose weight and get fit. It was a hard 11 km uphill. Well it was hard for me. I rode 5 km but my legs just gave up after that. After that it was a little bit of riding, then a little bit of rest, then a lot of pushing and repeat. By the end of it I had a new found respect for the Tour de France riders. They really are superhuman! It's like running a marathon everyday for 3 weeks!

By the time I reached Mashobra and the uphill that I had climbed easily while coming turned into downhill. An atheist thanked God at that moment and simultaneously realized how silly we humans are to thank God for something that was always there. It's our fragility that makes us believe in God and thank him when we surpass our own expectations. If only we had more faith in ourselves. Apart from this epiphany what I also realized as I came back home on an all downhill road, was that I actually enjoyed the uphill part more. That's what cycling is about. Cyclists are masochists. They don't cycle for the 'wind in the hair' feeling of a descent. They cycle for the 'oh man I'll believe in God if I make this climb' feeling. And that's how we should live life as well. Pursuit of happiness has its own place, I say live for the pleasure of pain. Sadness, pain, sorrow, that's what teaches us, makes us who we are. That's what helps us find ourselves. Be thankful for the tough times. Enjoy the tough times. The happy times will be that much more sweeter.

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Ash said...

Wow, sounds like an experience :) cycling is good exercise too, and what better place to cycle than one with some scenic beauty. Pics are really nice too.

Do stop by my blog sometime :)

Mersy said...

if u feel pain... i think its bcoz ur living it the right way

arun arora said...

Himachal & Shimla are the best places of tourism . these are the heaven of india .

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